Industrial Thermal Cameras For Virus Protection

Our product range comprises entry-level devices, professional and universal cameras, high-end solutions as well as industrial thermal cameras and infrared imager. Together we will find the right package consisting of infrared camera, software, accessories and service for your specific application.


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Industrial Thermal Cameras For Virus Protection

Best Thermal Imaging Cameras | Top Ten Reviews

Best Infrared Cameras - Thermal Imaging Showdown: Flir vs. Fluke vs. Keysight. In researching infrared cameras, also known as thermal imaging cameras, we spent 30 hours poring over technical documents, consulting product specs and reading customer reviews. Buy It Now

Therm-App® MD - Opgal

Therm-App® PRO is a high-end thermal camera for Android phones used for a variety of night/outdoor applications that require high speed tracking. Through its high 640 x 480 resolution and higher 25Hz frame rate, Therm-App® PRO delivers smooth thermal images, especially when the user or the targets observed are moving. Buy It Now

A Message About COVID-19 | FLIR Systems

Additionally, we are experiencing strong demand for our thermal cameras to be used in Elevated Body Temperature Screening. As a result, we are working to ensure that governments, first responders, and entities working to mitigate the spread of the virus have all appropriate resources. We thank you for your continued support. Sincerely, Jim Cannon Buy It Now

Filters & Cartridges | MSA Safety | United States

Crafted to provide a high level of protection, our easy-to-install Comfo Respirator Cartridges guard against a wide variety of contaminants. Our filter cartridges protect against dusts, particles, and mists, while our chemical cartridges protect against gases and vapors. Buy It Now

Coronaviruses, including SARS and MERS

DuPont™ Tyvek ®, DuPont™ Tychem ®, DuPont™ ProShield® and DuPont™ ProClean® garments are available in disposable coverall, apron, and gown designs, as well as boot covers. Additionally, Tychem® gloves offer hand protection that along with a hooded coverall and attached socks can provide full body coverage. Refer to the table on the following pages for some of the Buy It Now

Infrared Cameras, Service & Software | ICI Thermal Cameras

Our cameras are commonly used for cancer research, crop inspections, electrical inspections, veterinary research, industrial process management, population disease screening and much more. We also have some of the most experience in the field of thermal cameras and provide what we believe to be the best ASNT thermography training available. Buy It Now

Industrial Cameras For Manufacturing, Vision & Inspection

IMPERX Industrial Cameras. IMPERX manufacturers the highest quality industrial CCD and CCD Exview HAD video cameras for industrial vision inspection and machine vision systems, including circuit board cameras, computer vision cameras, robotic image cameras, assembly line and product inspection cameras, flat panel & LCD inspection cameras, and cameras for many other optical inspection applications. Buy It Now

Fixed Thermal Cameras | FLIR Industrial | FLIR Systems

Fixed Network Thermal Cameras. The FC-Series R features on-board, non-contact temperature measurement capabilities for fire detection, safety, and thermal monitoring of substations, waste disposal, and valuable equipment. FC-Series R combines state-of-the-art image detail and on-board video analytics to provide reliable detection. Buy It Now

What to know when selecting a thermal camera

From border surveillance and defense forces to industrial manufacturing and even health care, customers now use thermal cameras in some way or the other. With the recent issue of Corona Virus, thermal cameras have become an integral unit in airports and commercial spaces too. Buy It Now

Fever Scanner - Cantronics Systems Inc.

Cantronic Systems Inc. is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of infrared thermal imaging cameras and CCTV systems and other CCTV products for demanding security applications. Home Fever Scanner Thermal Cameras & Cores Cooled Thermal Surveillance Cameras Buy It Now

Thermal Imaging for Detecting Elevated Body Temperature

The thermal camera must be able to image the inner corner (tearduct) of the eye when screening for EBT. Have subjects remove glasses or any other eye obstructions before screening. Using thermal cameras, officials can be more discrete, efficient, and effective in identifying individuals that need further screening with virus-specific tests. Buy It Now

SATIR Europe (Ireland) Company Thermal Camera Manufacturer

Learn about SATIR thermal fever screening cameras & systems. SATIR have been manufacturing thermal imaging cameras in Ireland for over a decade, during this time we have manufactured thermal imaging cameras for industrial, security, automotive and also for the health sector. Buy It Now

Thermal Camera Market Explodes as Coronavirus Spreads

Thermal cameras for detecting whether a person is running a fever need to be close to the eye to work, either embedded in a kiosk that a person looks into or in a handheld scanner in order to take Buy It Now

Applying Infrared Thermography For Coronavirus Screening

Most thermographic cameras are used for industrial, scientific, research and even law enforcement purposes. In thermal imaging, but when there are health emergencies like virus outbreaks Buy It Now

Explained: How thermal screening is used to diagnose

Explained: Why it is wrong to blame snakes for spreading the new China virus. Thermal imaging is also used to study a broad number of diseases where skin temperature can reflect the presence of Buy It Now

Camera Enclosures for Extreme Environments - Kintronics

High-Temperature for Optical Cameras High-Temperature for Thermal Cameras Stainless for Saltwater and other Harsh Environments These special enclosures are designed to protect IP cameras from harsh environments. The first set of IP camera housings is designed to operate in extremely high-temperatures such as blast furnaces, or rocket test viewing. These liquid-cooled enclosures are designed Buy It Now

Respiratory Protection - Draeger

The Dräger X-plore ® 7500 provides reliable protection, comfort, and safety for a wide range of industrial applications where hazardous gases, Dräger X-plore ® Rd40 Whether used in chemical industry or automobile industry, shipbuilding, metal processing industry or by public utility services – for decades Buy It Now

Thermal solutions needed more than ever amid COVID-19

For a long time, thermal solutions such as thermal cameras and imagers have been used for surveillance. However they also have temperature-based screening and access control applications, which have gained more importance nowadays with the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Buy It Now

XIMEA - Machine Vision Cameras

USB3 Vision cameras, PCI Express high speed cameras, mini Hyperspectral imaging cameras, X-RAY and Scientific grade sCMOS cameras with USB 3.1 or Firewire, subminiature USB 2.0 and even TE Cooled models.With flat ribbon flex cable option and Thunderbolt™ - these are ideal for Embedded vision systems. Buy It Now

Infrared Cameras - Thermografic Camera Manufacturer InfraTec

Our product range comprises entry-level devices, professional and universal cameras, high-end solutions as well as industrial thermal cameras and infrared imager. Together we will find the right package consisting of infrared camera, software, accessories and service for your specific application. Buy It Now